Resources for church leaders

We want to help you do youth ministry in a way that involves the whole church!

Here are opportunities for education, as well as some good books to read. Check back from time to time, because we plan to add more resources.

Education and Training

The Perkins School of Youth Ministry is held each January in Dallas. For over 30 years, it has been a great place to make connections and learn about best practices and trends related to young people. Highly recommended. Find out more. offers online education, with courses covering a range of topics. We recommend the Timothy Circle series, which is focused on helping the whole congregation be involved in youth ministry. Find out more.

Fuller Youth Institute equips leaders and parents “so faithful young people can change our world.” People at Fuller did the research for the popular “Sticky Faith” series of books. The Institute is a branch of Fuller Theological Seminary in California. Find out more.

Ministry Safe helps churches and organizations “foster a safe, exciting environment.” Services include trainings and resources on precautions to prevent abuse and protect children, as well as legal consultation. Find out more.


Congregational Youth Ministry


Youth Ministry Practice


Youth Ministry Culture


Innovation and Design Thinking