About Us

Reboot is a program of SMU Perkins School of Theology. We help people discover a new approach to youth ministry—one that involves the whole church and that integrates work with youth into the life of the congregation.

If your church is ready to be innovative, we can help you customize a plan that maximizes the particular gifts and mission of your people.

We do so by providing mentors, training retreats, leadership classes, and a healthy amount of financial support.

You, in turn, will help other congregations that come along after you by sharing with them what you have discovered.

Here’s a look at the process.

Phase 1: Rebooting



Your church
• is within 300 miles of Dallas
• does not have a full-time paid youth minister
• does have a readiness to be innovative

• Submit your application to be part of the Reboot program
• Applications accepted May 10 through July 10, 2019
• Up to 18 churches will be selected

Your church’s YM (youth ministry) team of 9-12 members
• at least one person is clergy
• at least 3-4 people are youth (age 12-18)
• team can include parents

Team meets 6 or more times, October 2019 to March 2020, to imagine, dream and plan

4 members of your YM team (1 clergy, 1 adult, 2 youth)

Attend retreat to learn about leadership
All costs are covered, plus your YM team receives a $1800 stipend
Here's a look at the first leadership retreat.

1 adult member of your YM team

Attends Perkins School of Youth Ministry, in Jan. 6-11, 2020, to learn about ministry and implementing innovation
All costs are covered

Phase 2: Up and Running



Your YM team

Submit your project proposal by March 2020
12 out of 18 proposals will be selected, with grants up to $12,000 to fund projects

Your YM team, along with Reboot mentors and coaches

Work together to implement project

Your YM team, along with Reboot mentors and coaches

Refine, improve, adjust project—until things are humming along

1 member of your YM team (adult but not clergy)

Attends Perkins School of Youth Ministry in Dallas, Jan. 4-9, 2021 all costs covered

YM team

Continue developing, implementing, enjoying the project, during 18-month prototype period. Then share your story with a national gathering of youth ministers, May 2022

Want to learn more about our program? Let's talk.